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Develop and nurture your talent.

Let's take your creativity to the next level

Torquay Art Hub is a vibrant and energetic studio located at the Quay Pavilion in Torquay, Vic.

We provide the finest levels of comprehensive art tuition for people of all ages.

We offer a warm environment where our students can learn and develop their artistic skills and nurture creativity and self-expression.

“Knowledge and practice will make a talent thrive.”

Elida Luciarte RuizTorquay

The Various Categories To Choose

Art Classes For Children

8-week after school art tuition

Holidays Workshops for Children

One-off themed art class

Art Classes for Adults

Weekly tuition for all levels in different art mediums

Art Workshops for Adults

One-off themed art class

We offer a wide array of art classes aimed at developing and nurturing creativity and self-expression

Let's Create Something Together